Can Fitness Help Your Finances?

Stan February 25, 2017 0
Can Fitness Help Your Finances?

You already know that fitness improves your physical and mental health. But you might be surprised to know that it can also have some financial benefits. Here is how:

Lowers Health Insurance Costs
Obviously, people who are healthier spend less time in a hospital or clinic. They make fewer doctor visits a year. Staying active and eating healthy, balanced meals lower your risk of getting sick. It also improves heart health and makes you less susceptible to certain diseases.

Healthier people also avoid expensive surgeries and require less prescription medication. Both these things can really cost health insurance companies and individuals a lot of money.

Makes You a More Efficient Worker
A person in pristine health will spend more hours in work, because they take less sick days. Fewer sick days means you make more money. Additionally, studies have shown that exercising improves your focus and confidence. A focused person makes less mistakes at work, and a confident person takes bigger risks that often leads to job security or promotions.

Increases Impulse Control
Sometimes when people are very stressed, depressed, or anxious, they cope in unhealthy ways. Some use overeating or overspending as temporary highs, or as coping mechanisms.

A person without worry feels less tempted to make impulsive decisions. They avoid instant gratifications: they look towards the future instead of just the present. This positive mentality keeps their wallets full.

Saves You Money
People trying to lose weight avoid fast food restaurants. They also spend less money going out, especially to bars. These little expense cuts increase savings. These savings then can be used on future vacations or homes.

Stopping major unhealthy habits, such as smoking, greatly increases savings. Tobacco addiction costs consumers hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars a year. The complete elimination of this expense may drastically improve someone’s financial situation.

Pays to Workout
Companies like Google pay their employees to lose weight and stay healthy. Across the globe CEOs are incentivizing their employees to become active with bonuses, or paying for their gym memberships. The fee voucher can then be used with a coupon, such as a 24-Hour Fitness Groupon one. This makes getting in shape at a gym  practically free.

Outside the office, companies like Pact let users commit to a certain fitness goal. If they reach it, they get paid. If they fail it, they lose money.

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