Sold PPI That Didn’t Suit Your Circumstances?

Stan September 25, 2015 0
Sold PPI That Didn’t Suit Your Circumstances?

Until 2009, a large number of PPI policies were sold as ‘single premium’ cover, where the cost of the insurance was added onto the loan or finance agreement and you were forced to pay interest on this as well as the sum borrowed.

Most single premium policies were set up to run for a standard of five years – so in theory if your loan or credit was for longer than this, you should have been told that you would not be covered for the full period. If you were not told, then you have a genuine claim. Similarly so if you took out a joint loan and the policy only covered one of the borrowers. You can get a proper policy only by paying interest on what were established in advance. You should notice every agreement made before, otherwise you will get a kind of punishment relating the violation of “single premium” cover. All single premium policies made for running standard business as long as we can handle them.

If you already had some form of insurance cover already in place – employers income protection for example – and the salesmen was aware of this, then this is also another factor towards a claim.

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